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I would highly recommend Gans Law Firm to everyone and anyone who needs legal help. Mr. Gans was very professional and resolved my case very quickly. I was super relieved with the outcome and he made me feel very at ease. I know who to call if I ever need legal help or run into any trouble. Thank you Gans Law !!

Past Client

Definitely recommend Mr. Gans! Helped me get my license back even when I was denied a hardship. Angelica is extremely helpful and patient.


Past Client

By far the best Laywer’s in Orlando and Kissimmee thank you dianna and Brandon you guys are amazing if you looking for a good trustworthy Laywer have no doubt in these guys.

Past Client

Many thanks for dealing with my case. The outcome of it has come out better than initially anticipated, which I’m so grateful for.


Past Client

Mr. Brandon Gans has helped me in my time of need! I was involved in a minor fender-bender, but Mr. Gans helped ease my stress. He took care of my court appearance and all the other hassles that came along with the traffic citation. He was punctual, respectful, and honest. He successfully got my citation dismissed!! I will make Gans Law my first choice if I were to ever need their service again!


Past Client

Very professional firm! Mr. Gans is a great attorney who does everything he can to help out his clients, would highly recommend to everyone!


Past Client

Was very please to get this email from my attorney today regarding a traffic ticket. Case dismissed. Perfect result and i didn’t even need to go to court. In fact all I did was email the citation and let the attorney do the the work.


Past Client

He is amazing ! All my charges were dropped and I loved how I was able to make payments , helped me out a lot ! I would highly recommend Him to anybody. Thanks again !


Past Client

These guys did an absolutely phenomenal job! I had terrible issues with getting my drivers license back. I paid fines and still found myself in a situation where I could not obtain a drivers license. They did an unbelievable job for me and I’ve been driving happily for nearly a year now since I used their service.
Thank you so much!


Past Client

Please do not waste or hesitate on choosing Brandon Gans as your attorney. I can’t say enough good things about him! He’s prompt to answer you back anytime, he’s caring of your case, and he makes you feel confident and secure with his skills and abilities. He dismissed my case! Would recommend him to anyone and is my future defense attorney if I ever need him


Past Client

I will forever recommend Gans Law Firm. During my initial conversation with Brandon and Daveta; they listened to my concerns and put me at ease. I left their office feeling like someone understood what I was going through. They quickly got to work on my case and my case was closed within 3 weeks. They are very professional, always answer the phone and responds right away. Thank you to Angelica, Daveta and Brandon. I am forever grateful to Gans Law Firm!


Past Client

Thank you Gans Law! Brandon was great! Not only did he get my ticket dismissed but there were no points on my license which saved me on my insurance.


Past Client

Wonderful And beautiful people, they made me feel like part of the family.


Past Client

We really appreciate you doing this last minute. You’re compassion & professionalism made us feel at ease & confident that we were in good hands. God Bless you. 

O. & S.

Past Client

Felt great knowing that I’ll be in good hands!


Past Client

Good service always.


Past Client

Brandon was there for us at a very difficult time. When the prosecutor would not budge Brandon fought hard to defend my 19 year old son. His attention to detail is like no other and his compassion is what sets him apart.


I called many lawyers, and was always greeted with a impatient attitude, but then I called attorney Brandon Gans, and I immediately knew I found the right lawyer. He was very nice and patient. He took the time to explain the process and make sure that I was comfortable going through it.

Before speaking with Mr. Gans, I was a fish out of water. Frantically trying to find somebody that could help me, and I am very happy that I chanced on Mr. Gans, and if I ever get into trouble with the law again, god forbid, I feel much more comfortable knowing that I have an amazing lawyer just one call away. I can’t thank him enough! Truly.


Professional and enlightening, courteous with helpful insight. No guarantee, but genuine effort. Thanks so much. Blessings.


Past Client

Awesome staff!


Past Client

Everything from start to finish was handled in a professional way and way beyond my expectations.


Past Client

Mr. Brandon Gans is a genuine caring legal professional who is passionate about what he does. He is extremely organized and focused on the success of his clients. Thank you Mr. Gans!

Chris and Michelle

Past Client


I love the fact that you guys under promise and over achieve.


Past Client


Brandon Gans is an exceptional criminal defense attorney!! I was charged with possession and with Brandon’s extreme attentiveness to my individual needs and necessities to fulfill my case, it was dismissed! Gans Law comes HIGHLY recommended in my book. Brandon has a uniquely creative way of thinking outside the box and that is only one asset he used to produce stress-free results!


Past Client


I would highly recommend Gans Law to any friends or family. As this was my first experience with a law firm, Brandon Gans was very helpful and informative on the steps I needed to take. He was professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any questions or concerns, making the process much easier. I am pleased to say my case was successfully dismissed.


Past Client


My husband was on probation for failure to return rental property in another county, while he caught on another case in Orange County for 2 resisting arrest without violence, battery on a leo, and defrauding an innkeeper. Mr. Gans from the moment that I spoke with over the phone and in person was always professional, courteous, and most of all very compassionate. He consulted with me and my husband regarding all our options and the best route to go. Mr. Gans was able to get the remainder of the probation sentence dismissed completely dismissed and as far as the new charges were dismissed with time served… Without a doubt Gans Law is truly amazing and the best in town! Thank you Mr Gans.



MY DUI GOT DISMISSED!!!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am of Mr. Gans hard work and dedication to my case. Not only was Mr. Gans professional with me but he made me feel at home whenever I came to his office. Mr. Gans understood the difficulty and stress that I was enduring from my case. I went to multiple Attorneys with my case and not one cared much about my case. Their biggest concern was money and how was I going to pay them. Mr. Gans was only focused on my case and how he could help me. A true Lawyer.  He reassured me multiple times that everything was going to be okay. He was right! I hope I never have to hire an Attorney again but if I do…. I will be going with Gans!


Past Client


Working with Attorney Gans was an assuring experience. He looked over my case and was very knowledgeable and efficient. Responds very quickly and very hands on as well. I am very satisfied and happy with his work and service provided to me in my time of need. I would recommend him to anyone and will definitely contact him again if need be.


Past Client


Highly recommended! Brandon Gans has handled two of my cases so far. Pleased with both results. One was criminal and one was traffic related. The traffic citation for going 30 over got dismissed. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Will take the time out to listen to you and actually cares. Responds quickly. I’ve come to realize that most lawyers only care about the money but the reason I chose Brandon was because he actually inquired and tried to get me the best result possible. Will continue to refer people to Gans Law.


Past Client


Very professional but also a really likable guy, he got my case dismissed easily, no ticket for me!


Past Client


Gans Law is the only firm I trust for exceptional, no nonsense legal representation. I got my first traffic ticket recently and after countless referrals from friends of mine, I decided take my case to attorney Gans. As a full time student on a college budget, I was hesitant to seek out legal assistance, but I could not be happier with my decision to let attorney Gans handle my case. There were no tricks, no games, just a genuine, down to earth guy who is remarkable in the work he does. His services were completely affordable and my ticket was dismissed without me ever having to lift a finger! For any traffic related issues you may find yourself in, let Gans Law take the burden off your shoulders. You’ll be thankful you did!


Past Client


Gans Law got my DUI charge reduced to a lesser offense. This was my second arrest for DUI so keeping this charge off my record was very important. Attorney Brandon Gans collected all the evidence including the police officer’s dash camera video. He was able to argue on my behalf in court and even set up a meeting with the prosecutor to negotiate my case. Attorney Brandon Gans seemed to know all about DUI defense. I don’t know how it would have turned out if I didn’t have Gans Law on my side.


Past Client


I am very satisfied with Gans Law. I had a total of four traffic cases, two of which turned out to be criminal. I was new to Orlando and the first couple attorneys I had consulted with were way too expensive. Gans Law was very efficient and also very affordable. They genuinely listen to your case and help you out the best way possible. As a result of hiring them, they dismissed my traffic tickets, including the two criminal cases. The world needs more lawyers of their morals and expertise. I would refer them to anybody. Thank you Gans Law!


Past Client


Brandon listened to everything in my case, taking notes and making sure he had all information possible. He instructed me clearly on what he needed from me and how things could proceed further. His counsel was honest and to the point, and was very handy when it came time to make a decision, which we did together. He was able to get my case dismissed today, the day of my hearing trial! I would and will recommend him to anyone.


Past Client


Brandon was very efficient.  He resolved my traffic citation in a very quick time frame, I’ve worked with Brandon once before a year or two back as well for another traffic ticket I received! He resolved both my recent and past traffic citations. I’d absolutely go to him again if another incident occurred, and refer him to others.


Past Client


I’ve gotten 3 Red Light citations and Brandon Gans took care of them. I didn’t even have to miss work. It is a frightening experience not knowing what to expect after a citation. I have truly appreciated Brandon’s patience as he explained the process and listened to me through my frustration.


Past Client


First off I want to thank Mr. Gans for not just brushing me off. He consulted me and offered many solutions to my problem. Honestly it wasn’t for him I’d be completely lost. Thanks again so much Mr. Gans!!!!


Past Client


My lawyer Mr. Gans from start-to-finish took my DUI case with immediate expertise communicating to me my exact position I was in, available rights and always kept me feeling confident to the decisions that were made which resulted in a complete dismissal judgement in my favor. Having worked alongside attorneys for over 10 years myself Mr. Gans expertise and results driven performance has definitely placed himself in a league of his own within his industry. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of services he and his firm offer.


Past Client

Brandon is the best at what he does, he deserves your trust.


Past Client

Where do I start, Brandon gans was excellent, forever stood in connection with me for all my questions and concerns. Updated me with everything that happened and ultimately got my ticket completely dismissed. The experience was lengthy due to the courts but was completely worth it for the outcome. Beyond happy and again thank you!


Past Client

We used Gans Law service and we are 100% satisfied with their services. The ticket was dismissed. We will definitely use them again (if needed) in the future.


Past Client

So just recently my case for an at fault at accident was completely dismissed with no points, no fines or anything going on my record. I am extremely pleased with their ability to fight cases that had wrongdoings against their clients. Extremely professional and compassionate and kind as well, made no promises but fully delivered as a lawyer. Thank you so much for everything.



Past Client

Brandon and his team are excellent! Very knowledgeable firm that will fight to win your case. Brandon has many years of experience on both sides of the system, as a former sheriff and state prosecutor. He know what it takes to get you the best possible outcome. Highly recommended.


Past Client

Brandon is a phenomenal attorney! Very knowledgeable of the law and thoroughly explained everything to me. He provided services to me where he fought a traffic ticket I received. Every time I asked him questions or asked for an update he was very quick to respond. He’s extremely professional and I would highly recommend you speak with him for any legal needs regarding traffic infractions. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or outcome as he was able to remove all charges associated with my citation. I definitely know who to call should I see myself in this situation again. Thanks, Brandon!


Past Client

I required the services of a local attorney in Orlando.  I had called over ten other law firms and never got the assistance I needed.  Within minutes of calling Gan’s Law I they were able to answer my questions and immediately take care of my needs.  Very professional and highly recommended!


Past Client

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Resisting Arrest With and Without Violence in Florida

Whenever you encounter law enforcement and they go to arrest you, it is never a good idea to resist them as you can get into more trouble. If you resist arrest with violence, you’ll face even higher penalties.   Resisting Without Violence According to Florida Statute...

Florida Traffic Tickets and Your Driving Record

When you get pulled over for a moving violation, you may wonder what is going to happen to your driving record. Is it something that prospective employers can see? If you decide to fight a traffic ticket, either by taking it to court yourself or hiring an attorney,...

Why is being on probation more dangerous than you think?

When facing potential jail time, most defendants prefer to be placed on probation instead of going to jail. Probation comes with many stipulations that many defendants fail to consider. Before accepting an offer of probation, consider the following:  Florida Statute...

Misdemeanors and Felony Charges in Florida

Felonies and Misdemeanors differ in both the severity of the crime and of the penalties. Misdemeanors tend to be less severe crimes, so the punishments for these crimes tend to be lesser. The fines are relatively small, and you can only be held in jail for up to a...

What is the Penalty for First-Time DUI in Florida?

Driving Under the Influence (DUI), often referred to as “drunk driving,” is when a driver of a motor vehicle has a blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit, or their normal faculties are impaired by drugs or alcohol.  A DUI conviction in Florida comes with...

What is Disorderly Conduct?

In Florida, disorderly conduct is any behavior that disrupts a public space. Some common examples include making excessively loud noise, drunk and disorderly behavior, and fighting in the street. Florida Statute 877.03 defines disorderly conduct as acts that are of a...

Can You Lose Your License for Leaving the Scene of an Accident?

Under Florida law, it is a criminal offense for leaving the scene of an accident. Florida Statute 316.061 states that leaving the scene of an accident, also known as a “hit and run,” occurs when the driver of the vehicle involved in a crash resulting in damage to...

New Florida Law: Playing Loud or Excessive Music

On July 1, 2022, a Florida law went into effect that prohibits excessive music and other sounds from being played inside the vehicle. According to Florida Statute 316.3045, it is unlawful for any person operating or occupying a motor vehicle on a street or highway to...

What’s the Difference Between Assault & Battery in Florida?

Although assault and battery offenses in Florida are similar and are discussed together, they are two distinct criminal offenses. In Florida, the main difference between assault and battery is the absence or presence of physical contact. Assault is a verbal or...

What are Ignition Interlock Devices?

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a car breathalyzer that prevents drivers from starting their car until they blow into the device. In Florida, these are required for certain driving under the influence (DUI) convictions.  An ignition interlock device is a proper...

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