Points Suspension

A Points suspension is one of the many ways that your privilege to drive may be suspended. If you accumulate a specified amount of points within a certain timeframe, the DMV will issue a license suspension. Points are added to a record when someone is convicted of a moving violation. Paying a ticket counts as a guilty plea and a conviction. Before admitting guilt by paying the ticket, call Gans Law to discuss your options. If you’ve already received a points suspension or have one pending, we can help get it removed. The link to the Florida Online Traffic School can be found here https://www.floridaonlinetrafficschool.com

  • Accumulating 12 points in 12 months results in a 30 day suspension of your license.
  • 18 points in 18 months results in a 3-month suspension.
  • 24 points in 36 months results in a one-year suspension.


Leaving the scene of a crash resulting in more than $50 in property damage6
Speeding resulting in a crash6
Speeding (15 MPH or more over the speed limit)4
Reckless Driving 4
Passing a stopped school bus4
Moving violation resulting in a crash4
Failing to stop at a traffic signal4
Violation of traffic control sign/device4
Open container as an operator3
Speeding (less than 15 MPH over the speed limit)3
Child restraint violation3
Improper lane change3
Any other moving violation not listed above3


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